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Measuring Your Penis

If you're going to try to increase the size of your penis, then measuring your penis size is a given. Believe it or not, there is a proper way to measure your penis.

If men today are living in the ancient times, they would not worry too much about the length and girth of their penises. Unlike the modern concept that bigger is always better, the ancient world viewed large penises as comical and grotesque -- if at all the "perfect" statues of the Greek gods serve as testaments. However, times have changed and so did men's views of their genitals, now everyone wants to have a larger penis.

Nowadays, most men all over the world are so phallocentric that one wrong dig or insinuation that they are rather small could quickly deflate their egos. Penile size is a very sensitive issue that companies which manufacture and sell penile enlargement products online like resort to having a different name on credit card statements to protect their buyers.

The "Big" Issue

Despite what sexologists say about how penis size is not high up on women's list of attractiveness, men are still prone to believe that one's penile size is a measurement of his masculinity and sexual prowess. Studies have also shown that penis size plays a major role in most men's level of self-esteem. Generally, men who think that they are well-endowed feel that they are superior and more appealing than those who are not. Likewise, those who believe that their manhood does not measure up to the average often feel insecure and inadequate. Needless to say, increasing penis size is truly as big an issue to men as erectile dysfunction.

The truth is that most guys have a vague idea about the true size or dimension of their penises. As a matter of fact, most men actually consider themselves below average -- that is, having a shorter penile size than what they perceive as average. For this reason, the biggest question men have regarding penis size is what was generally considered as the "norm."

The Average Penis Size

Fortunately for men, many clinical studies have already attempted to establish the average penile size. Since these studies used different methods and involved different subjects, their results also vary substantially. For instance, a published academic study of the Journal of Urology in 1996 determined that the average penis size in an erect state is 5.08 inches (12.9 cm). Meanwhile, the International Journal of Impotence, which published a study in 2006, says that the average size is 5.35 inches or 13.6 centimeters. Other studies, like the one made by Lifestyle Condoms in 1991, says that the average length of a penis is 5.9 inches or 14.9 centimeters.

When we asked our readers, here's the results:


Age Size Inches Size MM
14 6.0 152
15 6.1 155
16 6.3 160
17 6.5 165
18 6.4 163
19 6.2 157
20 6.2 157



Why does the number drop? We think because men become more confident as they grow older and are more likely to tell the truth about their penis size. And remember, it's an average. Some guys will be larger and some smaller.

Perhaps one of the most popular studies dedicated to finding out the average penile size is the one done by famous sexologist, Alfred C. Kinsey in 1948. With 3,500 college male subjects, Kinsey's study concluded that the average penile size when erect is 6.21 inches long and 4.85 inches thick. The same study also concludes that the penis has an average length of 3.85 inches and girth of 3.75 inches when flaccid.

All these studies and researches have led experts to conclude that the average size of a penis is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches long and 4.5 and 5.5 inches thick. However, it is interesting to note that while these studies managed to arrive at the same conclusion, their results have varied to certain extent. More often than not, the inconsistencies in the results are brought on by the inaccuracies in the measurements done by the subjects.

How To Measure Your Penis

The proper way to measure one's penis is important if a one wants to know the accurate size of his manhood. For those who are taking effective penile enlargement products correctly measuring the penis can either make or break the enhancement program. This is because frequently measuring the penis and seeing no apparent immediate results can cause one to get discouraged and lose interest to proceed with the program. The thing about these penis enlargement programs is that results often take weeks or months before they become obvious -- especially if a product is all-natural with no side effects, like VigRX Plus™. For this reason, the key to getting one's accurate penis size is putting a considerable "break" between the initial measurement and the second one.

Another key in measuring the penis is consistency. A guy should take note that there are several factors that affect the penis size such as temperature, recent sexual activity, and time of day. It is important that these factors be taken into consideration whenever a guy decides to measure his penis. The rule of thumb is to follow the same, constant pattern or "setting" in measuring his penis. This means that if his initial measurement was done during the day, all his subsequent measurements should also be done during daytime. This kind of technique ensures that one gets accurate measurement results for judging an increase in penis size.

But how exactly is the proper penile measurement carried out? The first thing to remember is that your penis should be fully erect before you measure it. Thus, the first step in measuring your penis is stimulating yourself until you get an erection. Once your member is already in an erectile state, stand so that the entire length of your erect penis is parallel to the floor. With a ruler, measure your penis from its base to its tip. The most preferred way to get this done is by pressing the base end of the ruler or measuring tape until it touches the pubic bone -- that bone beneath your skin. When you have already done this, get the closest measurement at your penis' tip. This measurement your penile length. Don't attempt to measure your penis while your lying down since this tends to render unreliable results.

For measuring the girth or circumference of your penis, you would need a fabric ruler or a string. While still on the erectile state, wrap the tape measure in the middle of your penile shaft and read the closest inch measurement.

Do not forget to record both measurements (length and girth) to your logbook for future use to keep track of any increase in the width and girth of your penis.

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